Cuba through the eyes of its artists, musicians & Communities


We are a unique travel group offering local, Authentic & Creative trips to cuba


Our trips are an experiential local way to see Cuba through the eyes of its artists and creative communities. Run by a Cuban / American artist couple, OTROS OJOS brings you into the crevices of creative Havana and helps you explore Cuba in a way that would otherwise be inaccessible.


To understand Cuba you need to get under its skin and into its culture:
talk, see, listen, taste, smell, feel.

Eat at our favorite restaurants. Go to concerts that will infuse you with the soul of Cuban culture. Stay in beautiful, handpicked homes in our artistic neighborhood. Meet our creative friends who are artists, musicians, directors and professors. Explore the cultural edges of Cuba that will help you understand some of the perspectives that make this country unique. 


We offer three and seven night trips as well as custom trips for set groups



Coming with us is special.

Otros Ojos is run by a Cuban/American artist couple and a team of creative Cubans who are a part of their community.

We base all our trips from our beautiful old home in Havana. Drink rum with us. Listen to music. Tell us about yourselves. We then head out to show you what makes this place tick. Our trips are curated to help you see the wide variety of perspectives and to feel your way into the pervasive and seductive culture. It is our goal to get you up close and into our world: talk to you about all the details and contradictions, give you structure to learn and experience and also the freedom to explore.




Why Travel with us?

Cuba is an intricate place with many layers. By coming with us you gain a deeper understanding of life here and experience it on a level you would not otherwise see.

We offer small, local trips that feel more like visiting friends than going on a tour.

We gather groups who are culturally curious and adventuresome.

For Americans, restrictions from the U.S. side have (again) become more complicated, requiring itineraries and group tours. But traditional tours can feel structured and sterile, which we believe is the antithesis to travel in the first place!



It is our intention that you leave with not only a better understanding of Cuba but of the world and yourself.

Come Experience our amazing, rhythmic, complicated and inspiring island home.




We’d love to keep in touch.


Nos vemos pronto!