About us


Kay Whitchurch

Kay is an artist, entrepreneur, spiritualist and traveler who first came to Cuba in 2015. She was immediately enamored and moved by the pervasive culture, intense energy and kind hearted people. She met Norberto on day four and has lived back and forth ever since. Cuba has been a place of intense creative and spiritual learning as well as a fertile ground for connection and community. She grew up in Chicago, and lived in London and San Francisco before settling dually in her hometown and Havana. She has traveled the world as an independent traveler and has worked tirelessly to ensure that Otros Ojos trips embrace an energy that feels like you have encountered fabulous locals as opposed to being a part of a structured trip.



Norberto Guerra

Norberto is a musician, composer and producer who was schooled in the Cuban conservatory system and at the renowned ISA in Havana. He grew up in an artistic colonial town in central Cuba and has lived in Havana for the past 15 years. He has a vast knowledge of Cuba, incredible access into the contemporary music scene and an amazing ability to get things done in a place where logistics are complicated. His local knowledge and team of Cubans who work along side of him make our travelers feel like they are neighbors and dear friends within hours of arriving.