Our neighborhood

When you come to havana, you live in a special enclave of the Vedado neighborhood — full of quirky houses, schools, Book shops, vegetable vendors and a Vibrant contemporary culture scene.


The Turquoise House

This is our Home and the physical CenteR Point of our Trips. While Guests do not stay here, we gather here throughout the trip. We encourage guests to make themselves at home, pour a drink, fill up thier water bottles with our filtered water and take a seat to relax.



Amidst all of this Neighborhood character are homes that have been Hand selected for comfort and design. each space will have special details and also quirky oddities. They are within a block or two of The Turquoise house and are run by lovely families.

*We cannot guarantee availability of certain rooms upon booking, but if something catches your eye
please do not hesitate to reach out. Our rooms do however book quickly.

Please note: more complete photos will be added shortly


Casa de Manuel

This home is directly across the street from the turquoise house. It has a small private common room and two rooms with en suite bathrooms. Breakfast is served on a verandah overlooking homes and apartments.


Casa de Juanita y Pedro

Just up the street from us and on the same block as a great gallery, this home has two lovely common rooms and two bedrooms with large beds and en suite bathrooms. Breakfast is served in the dining room adjacent to a bright sunroom.


Casa de MargaritA y Carlos


This home is around the corner from our house and a book store. It has two rooms with en suite bathrooms. One of the bedrooms has two single beds - great for friends traveling together or families. The front porch is lovely for relaxing or coffee. Breakfast is served in the dining room or on the porch.


Casa dE Bouganvilla
*upgraded accomMOdation*


This home is also around the corner from our home. There are four rooms each with en suite bathrooms. The home has a backyard with space to relax and small cooling pool. Breakfast is served on a large communal table adjacent to the bustling kitchen.

This home is an upgraded option. Please enquire about availability and pricing if you are interested.