Otros Ojos

means “other eyes” in Spanish.


We believe that the purpose of

travel is human and cultural connection.


We share food, music, art and ideas.


in turn,

we ask that our travelers arrive with an open mind

and a curious attitude.


We take care of the rest.


Otros Ojos

is the creation of Norberto Guerra and Kay Whitchurch, a Cuban / American artist
couple who live between Havana and Chicago.

It is a testament to our love of Cuba and the honest, varied and important perspectives we believe it takes to reach into all the richness that exists here. 

OUr trips base at our old turquoise house in the Vedado neighborhood of Havana

We believe that by opening our doors, we will give you a chance to experience our culture and make connections among yourselves and our friends that are meaningful and lasting. These trips are about inviting you into our community, talking about your lives and ours, and sharing with you the varied and complicated nature of Cuban culture.

To come on a trip with us is to become a part of our lives for a bit. Norberto, a musician and producer in Havana, was schooled at ISA and opens doors into Cuba as only a musician can. Kay, both a painter and entrepreneur, has a painting studio in the house and a love of her adopted culture that can only come from living the complications and gifts over years.

It is our goal to offer you unique insights into Cuban culture, to give you space to explore and community to share with.