Our mission as a travel group is to get you into as many of Cuba's cultural crevices as possible. Cuba's wide range of music is a huge part of this. Music is central to Cuban identity. While a walk through Habana Vieja will give you a small taste of traditional Son music, there are so many ranges of Cuban music pulsing through the city - in small clubs, in homes, in large venues in Vedado and Miramar. You can begin to explore what you will see with us right here. We recommend you listen to these playlists start to finish, like a record.



Traditional Cuban Muscic

This is a collection of Cuban traditional music. You will hear many different rhythms such as Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Bolero, Canción and Son (the precursor to Salsa).


Ven y Baila

This list is full of Cuban Salsa. Alexander Abrau and his band Havana D’Primera feature prominently as do other contemporary salsa bands such as Los Van Van.



Trobadores are Singer/Songwriters. You can hear them at smaller venues across Havana and Cuba singing songs that focus on lyrics and wordplay.